Friday, July 25, 2008

I've discovered that my seat-of-the-pants install of ATLAS a week or so ago caused a from-scratch build of NumPy to be broken. :/ So I'm now burning up some time doing a correct install of ATLAS/LAPACK, and maybe I'll actually be able to "import numpy" by the end of the day. (Yes, my machine is that slow).

The monkeypatching madness is now gone from numpy.testing, as are the decorators. There have been some minor additions/changes to support SciPy tests (like moving print_assert_equal to NumPy so there don't have to be 3 separate but identical implementations in SciPy) and make the output more informative (show NumPy/SciPy/Python versions and say which tests are being run).

I submitted patches for the __mul__ and __mod__ problems of chararray, since the fixes would actually change the current behavior of the class, and I figure that's best looked at by others. This presumes that somebody's actually using the class.... ;) The 1.1.x development should be done soon, and then there should be plenty of eyes on the 1.2 defects, so the fix should still fit into the GSoC schedule.

Jarrod also asked if I could standardize the NumPy imports (as "import numpy as np") whenever I run across them, so I've been doing that a little this week in SciPy and NumPy. As soon as I can get my ATLAS/LAPACK issue sorted out, and I can be sure I haven't broken anything, I'll be checking some more of those changes in.

I'm also cleaning up the SciPy test output. Currently it's littered with deprecation warnings and (apparently) debugging output from the libraries.

Finally, since the deadline is in sight, I figured I should spend some time on the final documentation. I've got some scripts hacked together to automatically generate HTML tables (for overly detailed reports) and diff files from svn + numpy/scipy-svn mailing lists, which should take care of the bulk of the tedious work (which, for some reason, I did manually last year...).