Saturday, June 14, 2008

NumPy nose migration

Ok, now that finals are over, the only disruptions in my day should be realtors showing potential buyers around, and the occasional packing spree.

I'm currently reviewing the changes to switch NumPy to nose before I check them in. Right now my local numpy.test() picks up and runs 1656 tests, with no failures or errors. Since I'm touching a lot of files, I figure a final scan over the diffs can't hurt. I already found a couple of tests that weren't being run under the old framework because they weren't defined correctly.

I had to add --exclude arguments to ignore the directories below numpy/numpy/distutils/tests (f2py_ext, etc.), since those little test extension modules don't get built by default. These tests weren't run by the old test suite anyway, but maybe it would be nice to see if they can be included later on.

I really like that nose has coverage support (many thanks to whoever added that). I wonder how hard it would be to implement some sort of coverage diff to let people check how a patch or local modifications to their NumPy tree will affect coverage.